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Looking for some great Uber Fiction? Check Out BEYOND UBER

           Beyond Uber

You can also check out the UBER ABODE. There are some great story's on this site.


Stop by Troubleshooter's site, The Courtroom,  and see what's on the Daily Docket for Fan Fiction.



Looking for all kinds of types of Fan Fiction? I recommend the What's New section of the Ultimate Fan Fiction Directory (UFFD).



Like the graphics you've seen here? For some great montages and artwork, Calli has done some amazing pieces. If you need some graphics or artwork for your site, check hers out at  Calli's Creations.

          She'll help you out if you ask nicely...<bg> I couldn't be happier with the cover                and "Corduroy" band photos she helped me with.



While we're on the subject of graphics and covers and such, be sure to stop by and check out Michelle's site as well. I'll never know how I got so lucky as to have two wonderful artists create these covers for me.


This is the link for my friend's site. He calls it, "My Corner Of Hell". Stop by and tell my good friend, Steve Russo, I said hello! Not too much in the way of Xena related but, he has everything that means something to him on there. He's written some stories that are up. I highly recommend "Road Trip" and "Wine Fest" If I remember correctly, I'm the character "Erica".