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August 21, 2000-  11:56 PM

Sorry about the time between the updates here, folks. Work was a real b*tch last week. I went to Atlantic City on Friday with some friends to see Joan Jett. It was INCREDIBLE!!! As usual, I was not in the least bit disappointed with Joan's performance. I went with some friends of mine and since I wasn't driving, borrowed my friend's laptop to do some writing on the way up and back home. Here's a small update and the beginning of Part 5. There will be more tomorrow. I've been playing with the page properties a bit. There should be a sound byte playing of the song lyrics at the beginning of each chapter when you open the page now. All except for Chapter 2 which was included in Part 1. I've also added a new summary on the "Raven" page written by my friend, Lyn. I think she did a fantastic job.

Thanks for all the emails. You know how I love them so keep 'em coming!! You guys are great and thanks for the 2000+ hits on the site over the weekend. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...<bg>

By the way... on a side note, I HIGHLY recommend that everybody go run out and see Coyote Ugly. There will be a pop quiz later...<bg> It's a great movie (IMHO) and I've seen it.... Twice!

August 14, 2000- 1:47 AM

I must say, that you guys have been SO patient waiting for this update. Thanks for being so understanding these last couple of weeks. Things have been pretty tough, with me working night shift. I hadn't been able to update as often as I wanted to. I figured, I'd make it up to you by finishing out the chapter. Things should, hopefully, be easier this week since I'm home, working in town for a change...  :-)

I completed  Part 4 and added some new links to the LINKS page. Thanks to everyone who has written to me. It's been great getting to know you all. And thanks to everyone who has graciously posted links to my site from theirs.

Good night, everybody. Hope you enjoy it. I'll be working on Part 5 for you. Keep those emails coming!!!

Sorry, Steve... I stole the flames from your site...<bg>

August 7, 2000- 2:41 AM

Well folks, here you go. Thanks for all the great emails! Just so you know, you guys win. I have to leave to go out of town AGAIN in about.... 4 hours. The computer is coming with me so you lovely people don't have to wait 2 weeks for an update again. I know how aggravating it can be when you want to know what's going to happen. After all, I'm a huge FanFic reader, myself. Here's an update to Part 4. You guys HAVE to go back and re-read the Hockey game bit. I made a change. I think you'll like it! I've also revised Part 3. Mostly just capitalization. I have no idea how long I'll be gone for work now but, as I said... I'll have my computer with me. I'm working nights while out of town so I'm not sure when the site will be updated during the day but, rest assured... you guys will be the first to know!...<bg>    ;-)

Thanks for reading and keep those comments coming!

July 24, 2000- 12:20 AM

Here's more to Part 4. I have to leave to go out of town again in 4 hours. There won't be another update until next week when I get back. I've also added a Guestbook to the Home page. I'm rather curious to hear what you have to say after this one little part in here. Hopefully, I'll be able to update by this weekend. I know how much I hate it when I'm left hanging on a story so I don't like doing it to you. Have a good week everybody and keep reading! Thanks once again for all the cool emails! Keep 'em coming!

July 23, 2000- 1:50 AM

Well, here's a small update to Part 4. There will be a larger one later on today. I have to go out of town for work again. I probably won't be back until the middle of next week sometime so, I'll make sure it's a good one. Just need to get a couple hours of sleep first...<bg> I've also revised the first 3 parts. Finally got my "discrepancy" list back from my beta-reader on the new stuff...<bg> 

July 18, 2000- 12:11 AM

Here's the beginning of  Part 4. I wanted to get to a certain point tonight but I'm a little wiped now. I've been writing all day, enjoying my day off. Now I have to get up for work, out of town, in four hours...<groan> I will see what I can do about getting access to a computer while I'm gone this week to update Part 4. I'll be writing either way. Whether it be long hand or typing. 

Keep those emails coming, folks. They're very inspiring! Thanks to everyone who has emailed so far. I love talking with you guys!

Have a good week and keep reading! Hopefully, there'll be an update by Saturday morning.

July 17, 2000-

Well, Part 3 is finished. Little bit of background info. I'm in the middle of Part 4 now. I will have that posted before I go to bed tonight. I know I said I'd update this weekend but, I figured I'd give it all to you in one shot. I leave @ 5:00 tomorrow morning so there will be no more updates till this weekend. If there are none by Saturday, feel free to call my boss and bitch...<bg> Part 4 will be up soon.

July 13, 2000-

Whew! Here's an update to Part 3. Sorry there's been none for a couple days. Been a very hectic week at work. I should have quite a few updates this weekend. Very significant ones, at that! I have to go out of town next week for work on Tues. and will probably be gone till Friday so, I'm trying to make up for it this weekend. Added new stuff to the "Links" page. Beyond Uber and Calli's site.


July 8 & 9, 2000-

All of the sound bytes are up. Don't forget, the songs can be listened to with RealPlayer 7. I also added some more pictures to the "Photo Album" and a bit more to Part 3.


What's New? It's ALL new!

July 7, 2000- 

Well, here we are. And here it is. My new website. Wander around for a bit. There's two full parts to read and a good sized portion of the third. Later! Oh, yeah... don't forget to email me!!!

Just for you Calli. Thanks for the cover and even though you didn't know, Thanks for the Birthday Cake!

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