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Corduroy Soundbytes


Here are some song samples of the band "Corduroy". All though THAT band is fictitious, the two bands supplying the music are real. Sugarbelly & My Sister. The only songs My Sister will supply, are some for the songs Mandy sings. Mandy's voice is actually supplied by more than one person. Myself, Stephanie Spourakis, an AMAZING singer, in my opinion, my former band mate, Annie Johnson and my best friend and band mate of the last 7 years, Teresa Huffman.

Click on the thumbnails to see the enlarged photos. Some of them are really good.

The sound bytes can be listened to with Real Player 7. They are not clips of the original artists, but of the two cover bands instead. No copyright infringement is intended and no money is being made. At least not on my part. But let me tell you, I wish I had been the one to pen some of these. ;-)


shadow1.jpg (11833 bytes)            BigMouth.jpg (16266 bytes)            shadow2.jpg (9686 bytes) Carrie Ryan (My Sister)

Celebrity Skin  (Hole)

Dangerous Type  (As done by Letters To Cleo)

Freak Of The Week (Marvelous 3)

I Do (Lisa Loeb)

Inside Out (Eve 6)

Maria (Blondie)

Special (Garbage)

Wanna Be (Spice Girls)


Annie1.jpg (21432 bytes)            Annie2.jpg (23863 bytes)            Annie3.jpg (20790 bytes) Annie Johnson (My Sister)

First off, let me say that the 3rd picture is my absolute FAVORITE of Annie!

Don't Make Me Prove It (Veruca Salt)


DuringShot.jpg (14115 bytes)     AfterShot.jpg (18317 bytes)     Teresa2.jpg (14125 bytes)     Teresa1.jpg (11341 bytes) Teresa Huffman (My Sister)

Addict (K's Choice)


Steph1.jpg (13142 bytes)        Steph2.jpg (14118 bytes)        Steph3.jpg (15318 bytes)        Steph4.jpg (14438 bytes) Stephanie Spourakis (Sugarbelly)

Jump Around

Mama Said Knock You Out (LL Cool J)

Ready To Go (Republica)

Song for The Dumped (Ben Folds Five)



spankerelli.jpg (13301 bytes) Annie (Sugarbelly)

Cherry Bomb (Joan Jett)

Respect (Aretha Franklin)

Lit Up (Buck Cherry)



Steveo.jpg (15153 bytes)Steve (Sugarbelly)

All The Small Things (Blink 182)

What's My Age Again? (Blink 182)

Ziplock (Lit)



Jason2.jpg (10319 bytes)PJ (Sugarbelly)

All Star (Smashmouth)

Smooth (Santana w/ Rob Thomas)