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Since I have received several emails on this particular subject, this page is for the songs mentioned in "Raven". If you happen to read a lyric that you like and want to know where it's from, then look no further. Under each chapter number there is a song lyric. This is also the sound byte that should be playing when you open that page. I will provide the information right next to the chapter number. If I have forgotten any songs mentioned in the story, please email me and let me know. This page will be updated as each new chapter is completed.


Chapter 1:  "I Will Never Be The Same" by Melissa Etheridge on her album, "Yes, I Am"
Chapter 2: "Constant Craving" by kd lang on her album, "Ingenue"
Chapter 3: "Into The Fire" by Sarah McLachlan on her album, "Solace"
Chapter 4: "Whatever You Do" by Shania Twain on her album, "Come On Over" This is also the song Jake sings to Mandy while working on the roof. The song Mandy is singing to herself while making dinner is "Everything You Want" by Vertical Horizon on their album, "Everything You Want"
Chapter 5: "Tara's Dance" from the Xena Ep: Tale Of Two Muses. Written by Joe LoDuca on the Xena Soundtrack for "Lyre, Lyre, Hearts On Fire" The first song Mandy sings to Jake at the pool party is "I Want You" by Savage Garden. The second song is, "Possession" by Sarah McLachlan on her album, "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy"
Chapter 6: "Tonight And The Rest Of My Life" by Nina Gordon on her album, "Tonight And The Rest Of My Life" As for the dances along the bar, the first song, "Unbelievable" by EMF can be found on the "Coyote Ugly" soundtrack as well. The second song is "You Must Be Crazy For Me" by Melissa Etheridge on her album, "Never Enough" The last song is "Do You Wanna Touch" by Joan Jett which can be found on many of her greatest hits albums but originally from the album, "Bad Reputation"
Chapter 7: "Right Kind Of Wrong" written by Diane Warren for LeAnn Rimes on the Motion Picture Soundtrack for "Coyote Ugly" The song requested by the old man is called, "You Go To My Head". It was co-written by Dizzy Gillespie. It was performed by many artists including, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and Frank Sinatra. Then, of course, we have "What Would Happen If We Kissed?" by Meredith Brooks on her album, "Blurring The Edges"
Chapter 8: "Crazy For This Girl" by evan and jaron can be found on their debut album. However, I got it off of the Dawson's Creek Soundtrack Volume 2. Yes, I watch it. What can I say? I think Katie Holmes is a cutie!  So far, there have been three songs mentioned: "Pony" by Ginuine from his album, "Bachelor". If you've read the chapter, you know where it comes in... <g> "Rescue" by Eve 6 from their new album, "Horrorscope". This is the song playing during the last shot of the pool game. And the song playing as Mandy strips for Jake in front of... well,... everybody...<g> is "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls. This song can be found on WAY too many albums and compilations for me to name...<g>
Chapter 9: "Inside Your Head" written by Steve Brown and performed by 40FT Ringo. The song Mandy "writes" about Jake is actually "I Never Saw Blue Like That" sung by Shawn Colvin. This can also be found on the "Dawson's Creek" Soundtrack...<g>
The song playing on the Photo Album page is "Number One Camera" by Nina Gordon on her album "Tonight And The Rest Of My Life" The song on this page is "There Goes The Neighborhood" by Sheryl Crow on her album "The Globe Sessions".